New blog post about @package decorator

I posted a blog entry about SKiDL’s new @package decorator.

I tried @package but all my nets were being renamed to the package’s names which is not what I wanted so I went back to subcircuits. I was going to do some more tests to see what was going on, but I was unable to log into your new forum. We will see if this message gets through.

I’ll look into it. Is it renaming nets that you’ve explicitly named, or is it renaming implicit nets with names like N$1?

It’s renaming nets that I had named.
When I run from the command line in win 10, python 3.8.2, the first net is renamed to the package name and the second net is unchanged. In both cases a merge warning is output.
When I run in ipython, the nets are usually what I want but randomly one will be wrong.
Running from Idle seems to always work(10 runs).

Seeing same problems running in Ubuntu 20.04 python3.8.2.

I pushed a fix for this to the master branch. Install it with:

pip install -U git+

Let me know if the problem is gone.

The problem is gone. Thanks
I’m liking skidl a lot and it looks like @package is going to make it even better.