Simpler SKIDL part creation

I have developed some simple scripts to ease part finding and creation github search_part repo.

The intent was to use the pin count, part name and footprint name to find parts so you don’t need to know where kicad keeps parts.

import search_ part as sp
pc = sp.SearchPart()
ldo = pc.create_part(8, "LP2951.*soic", "SOIC") #returns a skidl.Part()

The repo has instructions on how to use it some extra query tools and an example board script.

The main purpose was to find if it was worth including in SKIDL and to get some guidance on how to do that, if it turns out to be worthwhile for others.

The caveats are it has only been tested with python 3.8, pandas1.15 on Suse linux and Win10.

Hi, Dave. Apologies for the late reply. Thanks for this. I’ll have to look at the examples in more detail to understand what it does and how it does it.