Using the Skywater PDK with SKiDL/PySpice

I’ve published a Jupyter notebook of my explorations using SKiDL and PySpice with the open Skywater PDK.

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Very neat – thanks for sharing!

Awsome Dave, but a question I have is when to use subcircuits and when to use packages. It seems when you create a low-level standard “cell” like tx_gate you use packages and then instantiate them inside higher-level packages to create a new cell. And then for really high-level things like the adder you use subcircuits. For my own nefarious usage of creating SPICE test fixtures should I be using subcircuits or packages to encapsulate the fixture to then tie into the DUT circuit and stress test it?

When I need to use I/O in several places, I use @package. When I’m using all the I/O in one place, I use @subcircuit. Ideally, I thought I had @package setup so I could use it both ways, but I was getting errors. In the future, I hope to make @package the one way to do hierarchy.

Alright, I get it. I have another Q on packages but I will ask that in its own thread